Whether this is the first time that you are exploring global manufacturing, or you are seasoned and seeking enhanced quality and price,

QCMI Corp can help.


Our Process

On receipt of an RFQ, we first work with our overseas staff to identify the optimal manufacturer in our network. This assures the best quality at the lowest price.

Once an order is placed we produce samples for customer approval. We guarantee final delivered product will meet or exceed the quality of the approved samples.

We maintain onsite quality assurance throughout the production process, and provide regular status updates to our customer.

Final product is insured and shipped to your requested location. QCMI Corp manages all aspects of this process, including clearing US customs.

Our Process


QCMI Corp insures cost-effective pricing by matching your project to the optimal manufacturer.

Many of our customers find our quotes to be unparalleled in the industry.

Contact us today for a risk-free quote and see for yourself.


Our tooling costs are cost friendly and affordable for your project. Most of our factories have in house tooling shops, which reduces lead times, controls costs and allows for better maintenance of those tools. You will be surprised how our tooling costs compare to others.


We have fast production times depending on the complexity of the project. Most production lead times range from 10 to 30 days. All steps are PMAP controlled.


All manufacturers in our network have industry-standard certifications, including at a minimum ISO.

We routinely provide certificates as to the quality of raw materials used in production, and full inspection reports of the finished product. We can also provide third-party testing if included in the project specifications.

Our overseas staff provides onsite supervision of every project, insuring adherence to both production schedule and specification.

We have developed novel and innovative manufacturing processes to respond to customer needs.


Inventory Management

QCMI will work with you to develop a program that takes into account your production, cash flow and inventory management obstacles.

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