QCMI Corp. is an end-to-end manufacturing partner that stands above the competitors in the field. Using our global network of contract manufacturers, we manage each aspect of your project, including:

  • The quote phase, which we handle according to your specifications
  • The development of a sample or prototype that meets all the parameters of your design requirements
  • Approval for the sample or prototype
  • Full-service production, complete with stringent on-site quality control measures
  • Fully insured shipping to your location

Case Study: Aluminum Housing Cover

One of our clients had a design for a large aluminum housing cover. The cover weighed 32 pounds and the design required extensive machining and component assembly after casting. In addition, sections of the casting required the application of a powder coating.

For this project, there were several issues that needed effective resolution, such as:

  • How to implement the machining process
  • How to most effectively assemble the necessary components
  • Which shipping option would meet the project requirements at the optimal price point

Given the large aluminum-based housing cover, and extensive machining for vents and other cutouts, the customer was struggling with an unstable final product.

The QCMI Solution

To meet all of the customer’s needs, we sourced an experienced manufacturer who developed a highly detailed production workflow, crafted and audited multiple production processes, and regularly conducted robust quality checks. The quality assurance process—overseen by our on-site QA representative—included 100% quality checks involving the use of fixtures especially designed for the project.

Packaging and transportation were key issues that needed to be resolved. In response to these challenges, we sourced special packaging that served to eliminate any disfigurement or distortion of the product during the journey to the customer.

As a result of our efforts on behalf of this customer, the project was 100% successful and the customer walked away completely satisfied with our services.

The QCMI Advantage

QCMI’s network of manufacturing partners has the capability to meet and often exceed client expectations with regards to just about any project. We provide a wide array of casting services, as well as machining and surface treatment options. Moreover, we offer our clients the choice of post-production quality inspection, such as X-ray and hardness testing.

Our global network of contractors offers the following capabilities:

  • A wide variety of source materials, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, and various other metals
  • A number of different casting processes, such as die, drop, investment, lost foam or wax, or Silicasol investment
  • Surface treatments, including black oxide, chrome, galvanized, powder coating, nickel, and several others
  • CNC machines that can bore, drill, grind, lathe, and mill

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of partnering with us for all of your manufacturing needs, reach out to our team at QCMI today.

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