At QCMI Corp., we provide turnkey manufacturing solutions to our clients and business partners that offer key advantages across a diverse range of industries. We maintain a broad network of global contractor manufacturers with capabilities and expertise to manage each stage of your project, including the following phases:

  • Quotes, which are always handled exactly according to your specifications
  • Sample/prototype development that corresponds with all of your design requirements
  • Sample/prototype approval
  • Comprehensive on-site production with robust quality assurance measures
  • Full-service, insured shipping to your desired location

Case Study: Metal Injection Molding

One of our clients came to us with the need for a specific part that had been manufactured for over three decades via a hot forming process. The cost of the hot forming process was substantial and turnaround times between fulfillment periods were very long.

This client requested that we determine whether a different process could be used for part production. To assist us, they provided all the material, tolerance, and strength specifications associated with the part, as well as samples. For this particular item, the strength specifications were key. Moreover, tolerances for several critical dimensions for the part demanded exceptional levels of control and repeatability.

The QCMI Solution

After a thorough review of the customer specifications, the samples provided, and certain proposed processes, we matched our customer with an ideal manufacturer for the job. It was decided that the most efficient manufacturing option was metal injection molding (MIM). We provided a project cost to the customer and reviewed per-unit cost, the manufacturer’s production volume capacity, and the consistency level needed.

Once production began, it did not take long for the client to realize that the provided parts exceeded the samples they had given us in strength while maintaining a high level of consistency with regard to the critical dimensions. Moreover, our on-site personnel at the manufacturer ensured clear and transparent quality control procedures, as well as full analysis testing per batch lot for each shipment.

In the end, the parts met or exceeded the quality standards the former supplier had achieved, provided annual savings of over $150,000 for our customer. Lead times were reduced from one year to 40 days.

The QCMI Solution

At QCMI, we can provide access to advanced metal injection molding capabilities that deliver exceptionally high-quality, affordable products to our customers within reasonable time frames. Our network of global manufacturers ensures access to a wide range of source materials for MIM processes, which can include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Hard and heavy materials
  • Many other source materials

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of working with our global network, reach out to us today

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