At QCMI Corp, we are a turnkey manufacturing partner serving a large clientele from diverse regions. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by consistently providing high quality, affordability, and superior customer service through our global network of contract manufacturers. We manage all aspects of your project, such as:

  • The initial quote phase, always handled according to your exact parameters
  • Sample or prototype development, which is always crafted per customer specifications and requirements
  • Sample or prototype approval
  • Production of your product, which includes robust quality assurance procedures
  • Shipping to your desired location, complete with full insurance

Case Study: Stainless Steel Stamping

One of our customers faced a unique dilemma. This client required a special, high-quality stainless steel stamped component for their business, which was sourced out of France. Even though they had attempted to change sourcing locations for many years to cut costs, they had been unable to find a vendor that could manufacture the part the same high standard of quality their current supplier was delivering. As such, they found themselves trapped in a business partnership that involved sub-optimal cost margins.

The QCMI Solution

The QCMI team was able to seize an opportunity with this client to try a sample production run on the part they needed. The client was very skeptical that we could find a manufacturer that would be able to deliver and even remarked that they expected us to fail.

Nevertheless, we spent some time with the client carefully reviewing their quality expectations, as well as the root causes of past failures. Next, we got together as a team to review the challenges that had presented themselves in our initial analysis. After some discussion, we sourced a stainless steel stamping manufacturer that would be able to deliver this part to the customer according to their expected quality threshold while offering significant savings on production costs.

The Outcome

The end result for the customer far exceeded their expectations. As soon as they received the product from the sample run, along with the material certifications and ISIR documents, they checked the part in their own lab. They were astounded at the level of quality.

Our provider had not only met their strict quality standards, but had actually exceeded the level of quality provided from their current supplier. The new part boasted an improved appearance, better durability, and enhanced performance over time.

Furthermore, the client was provided with a slight variation on the base design that they had given us. This variation still met all of the criteria that the client was looking for, but also offered enhanced corrosion resistance.
After seeing the advantages of a partnership with QCMI firsthand, this customer completely switched their manufacturing business over to us. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us for all of your manufacturing needs, reach out to us at QCMI today.

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