With an extensive network of manufacturers across the globe, QCMI offers a wide range of precision machined components at competitive pricing. QCMI has been working in overseas manufacturing for more than 30 years. Over this time, we have developed trusted relationships with our partners and developed an extensive network of contract manufacturers that can provide nearly any process or service affordably.

To supervise production, QCMI uses dedicated overseas staff on site at each factory to conduct quality assurance throughout the process. Our overseas workforce includes mechanical engineers, QC personnel, and project managers.

Upon receiving an order, we gather quotes from each of our relevant manufacturing partners. We determine the optimal provider based on required quality and price. Samples are then manufactured for customer approval before full production begins.

We also offer post-production quality inspections to ensure the product meets all required specifications. If requested, third-party inspections can also be performed.

All our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 certified and we can source IATF 16949 certified partners when requested. We manage the whole shipping process as well, including insurance and clearing U.S. Customs.


We frequently help our customers source the machining services they need to produce their designs. Machining refers to the process of shaping a piece of raw material into a desired shape using a machine tool. Most metal components require some form of machining operations be conducted at some point during the manufacturing process.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is the primary method used to conduct modern machining operations. CNC machining automates the process, increasing output and precision capabilities for most designs.

QCMI has experience producing machined components for many industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Telecommunications

Machining is a broad term covering many techniques. Which techniques are necessary for a project depends on the requirements of the design. A full list of the machining techniques QCMI can provide is shown in the capabilities section below.

Machining Capabilities

QCMI can accommodate a broad variety of machining processes. Our machining capabilities include:

  • Processes: Boring, drilling, tapping, NC/CNC lathing, CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, honing, lapping, broachin
  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, specialty materials upon request (we work with sold stock, as well as casting and forging materials)
  • Surface treatments: Anodizing, coating, CVD/PVD plating, plating, phosphate
  • Quality inspections: Tolerance, hardness, surface treatment, and third-party inspections (upon request)

Our production volume capabilities depend on the specific project. We review each project and provide a quote based on the minimum shipment quantity. Our production lead times are typically within 30 days, but may be extended slightly depending on available shipping times.

Work with QCMI

Using our extensive network of overseas manufacturing partners, QCMI can provide access to a wide range of precision machining services. Our overseas staff will choose the best partner for your project based on quality and price, and then supervise the production process to provide quality assurance.

Our network of global providers can also handle stringent regulatory requirements, such as:

  • ISO 9001 certified partners
  • IATF 16949 certified partners (upon request)
  • ASTM

For more information on our capabilities and our global network of contract manufacturers, please contact us or request a quote.

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