Wire forming is a manufacturing process that employs manual and computerized equipment to bend metal wire into custom shapes and designs. Some of the products produced through this process include hooks, grids, assemblies, and electrical fixtures.

At QCMI, we’ve spent years building a strong network of overseas custom manufacturers to meet our customers’ wire forming needs. By leveraging our partners’ wire forming capabilities and maintaining an expert staff who goes on-site in the production facilities, we ensure our customers receive the best quality products at the best price.

Our wire forming services serve customers in a broad spectrum of industries, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronic
  • Furniture
  • Foodservice
  • Lawn and garden

Our Wire Forming Capabilities

Our wire forming capabilities and related services include:

  • Wire forming operations: Bending, chamfering, coining, drilling, flattening, forming, grinding, upsetting, piercing, punching, straightening, cutting, wire threading, welding, assembly
  • Product types: Frames, fry baskets, handles, light guards, S-hooks and other hardware, shelving, stands, wire baskets, wire grates, wire racks
  • Materials: Aluminum, brass, spring steel, stainless steel, steel, other alloys upon request
  • Surface treatments: Anodizing, black oxide, chrome, galvanizing, nickel, painting, passivating, plastic spray, polishing, powder coating, rust proofing, shot blasting, zinc
  • Foodservice
  • Additional finishing/secondary services: Assembly, chamfering, drilling, heat treating, machining, packaging, tapping, threading, welding
  • Quality inspection: Tolerances, hardness, surface treatments, third-party inspections (upon request)

Our production volume capabilities depend on the specific project. We review each project and provide a quote based on the minimum shipment quantity. Our production lead times are typically within 30 days, but may be extended slightly depending on available shipping times.

Our Fully Personalized Process

We understand that no two wire forming projects are exactly alike, which is why we work from day one to identify your unique requirements and specifications. We draw on this information throughout the remainder of the outsourcing process, contacting only the manufacturers that are best suited to your project. You’ll notice this personalized attention from the moment you join your first design call, and it guides all of our interactions.

Once we’ve found the best candidates for your project, we request quotes and samples, vet them for quality, and pass on the ones that meet your requirements. Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, we’ll commission the project and keep staff on-site in the production facility to enforce the approved project standards, specifications, and schedule.

Working With QCMI

At QCMI, we draw on our years of experience with overseas production to ensure that you receive high quality wire forms that meet your requirements and budget. Our global network of contract manufacturers can handle a broad range of industry standards and certifications, such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • IATF 16949 (if required)
  • ASTM

Our overseas staff carefully monitors each project to guarantee quality assurance and best practices. To learn more about wire forming capabilities or to partner with us on your next project, contact us or request a quote today.

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